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1961年 出生于北京,1987年 进修于北京画院、广州美术学院、中国美术学院,中国当代艺术家,现为国家一级美术师和中国美协会员。


Hu Youben-Chinese ink artist, sculptor, installation artist. 

Born in Beijing in 1961, he studied at Beijing Painting Academy, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Chinese contemporary artist in 1987. He is now a professional painter of Hebei Painting Academy, a national first-class artist and a member of the China Association of Fine Arts.

Solo Exhibitions 


2014/12 - 2015/1 ExpandingToday Art Museum Hall 1, Beijing

2014/10 Barcelona Solo Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain

2014 German City Hall Solo Exhibition

2014 Beijing Hui Long Work Studio opening ExhibitionYizhuang, Beijing

2014 Cologne Modern Art Exhibition, Cologne, Germany

2013 Italian Paper Art Museum, Italy

2013 Paper Art Solo Exhibition, Austria

2013 Ao Tu – Hu Youben Art Installation Exhibition, Tianren Co Arts, Hangzhou 2012Paper Art, Barcelona, Valencia, Spain

2012 Tianren combined Installation Art Exhibition Concept 4              Tianren Co Arts, Hangzhou

2011 Concepts 4 Installation Art Exhibition800 Art District, Shanghai 

2011 Paper Art, Valencia, Spain 

2010 Paper Art, Barcelona, Spain

2008 Hu Youben Solo Art Exhibition, Contrasts Gallery Shanghai

2007 Paper Art, 798 Ren Gallery, Beijing 

2005 Paper Art, Munich, Germany

2005 Paper Art, Cologne, Germany

1999 Paper Art, Paris, France

1997 Taihang spirit – Hu Youben Ink Art ExhibitionChina Art Museum, Beijing


Group Exhibitions

2015/12 Beijing University Chinese Yearbook Art Collection Exhibition, Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing

2015/10 Chinese Artist Association Biennale Material Exhibition, Ningbo

2015/8 Nanjing Art Exhibition

2015/5 Virtual environment Art Exhibition,Ming Yuan Art, Museum, Shanghai  

2014 Chinese Artist Association of the Twelfth National Art Exhibition

2014 China Linyi Art Exhibition

2014 Combined Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hangzhou

2013 Chongqing Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chongqing

2013 Paper Art, Barcelona, Spain

2012 International Biennale Ink Painting Exhibition, Linzhou Henan 

2012 Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai

2012 The Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tian Ren Yi Hangzhou

2012 Shenzhen Biennale Ink Painting Exhibition, Dafen Art, Museum, Shenzhen

2011 10 people Contemporary Art Exhibition, Duolun, Museum Of Modern Art, Shanghai



2005 Berlin Museum Silver Award, Germany

2004 Hubei“Art Literature" Academic Award



Bonn Modern Art Museum, Germany

Weimar Museum, Germany

Berlin Museum, Germany

Hongkong Art Museum

Shanghai Art Museum

Guangdong Art Museum

Today Art Museum

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